HERALD Project timeline#

The following table provides an overview of key milestones within the Stage 2 redevelopment. For further information, or to register an interest in becoming involved with designated testing, please contact the HERALD team at herald@ads.ac.uk.

April/May 2018Database + data migration from old OASIS system completed
July 2018Application framework in place
September 2018Basic draft form in place. Ready for pre-Alpha testing
Autumn 2018Pre-Alpha testing
December 2018Draft location and archive modules in place
March 2019Ready for Alpha testing (Branch 10 and 11)
Spring 2019Alpha testing phase
June 2019Feedback and fixes from alpha phase completed
October 2019Export tools in place. Ready for pre-Beta testing
Late Autumn 2019/Winter 2020Implement results of pre-Beta testing and build up to Beta release.
March 2020End of Stage 2 build, ready for Beta release