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HERALD Resources to download#

Key reports produced for HERALD have also been made available in the main OASIS Document Archive. This page contains these reports and a list of promotional materials that users may wish to consult or re-use for their own workshops and meetings. For further information, please contact the HERALD team at

HERALD Stage 2: Project DesignREPORTHERALD_stage_2_project_design_MB_v0.3.pdf
OASIS and Built Environment data flyer (low res)PAMPHLETbuildings_leaflet_low_res.pdf(info)
HERALD Stage 2: OASIS Redevelopment Functional SpecificationREPORTOASIS_redevelopment_functional_spec_v3-4_public.pdf(info)
Presentation 'OASIS Update' to HES workshop on period lists, Edinburgh 15/03/2018PRESENTATIONhes_period_workshop_march_2018.pdf(info)
Mockup of new OASIS form: Level 1 (data input) userMOCKUPoasis_new_level1_basic.pdf(info)
Mockup of new OASIS form: HER not reviewingMOCKUPoasis_new_her_lite.pdf(info)
Mockup of new OASIS form: HER reviewingMOCKUPoasis_new_her_standard.pdf(info)
OASISPAMPHLETOASIS general.pdf(info)
OASIS for the Maritime EnvironmentPAMPHLETOASIS Maritime.pdf(info)
OASIS and Museums + ArchivesPAMPHLETOASIS Museums.pdf(info)
OASIS+ BuildingsPAMPHLETOASIS_Buildings.pdf(info)
OASIS+ GeophysicsPAMPHLETOASIS_Geophysics.pdf(info)