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HERALD Project timeline#

The following table provides an overview of key milestones within the Stage 2 redevelopment. For further information, or to register an interest in becoming involved with designated testing, please contact the HERALD team at

April/May 2018Database + data migration from old OASIS system completed
July 2018Application framework in place
September 2018Basic draft form in place. Ready for pre-Alpha testing
Autumn 2018Pre-Alpha testing
December 2018Draft location and archive modules in place
March 2019OASIS+ modules in place: Historic Building recording, Geophysical survey, Human bones, Burial Spaces. Also includes capacity to identify records with radiocarbon dating and environmental sampling present/used. Ready for Alpha testing (Branch 10 and 11)
Spring 2019Alpha testing phase
June 2019Feedback and fixes from alpha phase completed
October 2019Export tools in place. Ready for pre-Beta testing
Late Autumn 2019/Winter 2020Implement results of pre-Beta testing and build up to Beta release.
March 2020End of Stage 2 build, ready for Beta release