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HERALD Stage 2#

HERALD Stage 2 draft project design(info)PDF File 1.2MB

HERALD Stage 1: Project Reports#

HERALD Final Report(info)PDF File 1.3MB
Executive Summary to accompany the survey reports below(info) PDF File 0.5MB
HERALD Survey - ALGAO report(info)PDF File 9.2MB
HERALD Survey - FAME report(info)PDF File 1.1MB
HERALD Survey - Community groups / volunteers report(info)PDF File 0.7MB
HERALD Survey - Museums report(info)PDF File 2MB
HERALD Survey - Specialists report(info)PDF File 0.6MB
HERALD Survey - Historic building specialists report(info)PDF File 0.7MB
HERALD Survey - Academics report(info)PDF File 0.7MB


Oasis Publicity - A1 Poster(info)ZIP File containing: Pagemaker 6.5 format & TIFF18.5MB
(28.1MB uncompressed)
Oasis Publicity - Leaflet(info)ZIP File containing: Pagemaker 6.5 format6.13MB
(17MB uncompressed)

Training Materials#

OASIS training day: introduction(info)Powerpoint Presentation346KB
Using a thesaurus(info)Powerpoint Presentation408KB
The English Heritage Perspective(info)Powerpoint Presentation50KB


Oasis Final Project Report - June 2008(info)PDF file474KB
OASIS: a report to stakeholders, July 2010(info)PDF file191KB
Final report for OASIS II(info)Word Document90KB

Other Project Documents#

Oasis Project Outline(info)Word Document33.5KB
Oasis Suggested Standard Clause(info)RTF Document26.5KB
OASIS User Manual (in 3 sections)

PDF files

Review of the development & implementation of OASIS in England - Jan 2012(info)PDF file2MB
Pilot Study User Guide(info)Word Document40.5KB
The Oasis Form - paper version (no longer in use)(info)PDF file353KB
The Oasis Form Worksheet(info)Word Document48.5KB
OASIS I & II FAQ Sheet(info)Word Document
(Microsoft Office Open XML)

ADS Monitoring Reports #

ADS monitoring report Apr-Oct 2015(info)Word Document86KB
ADS monitoring report Oct 2015-Apr 2016(info)Word Document68KB
ADS monitoring report Apr-Oct 2016(info)Word Document68KB