The online system for reporting investigations into the historic environment and linking research outputs and archives.

OASIS is an online reporting form enabling heritage practitioners to provide information about their investigations to regional Historic Environment Records (HERs) and respective national heritage organisations.

As well as being an information-gathering tool, researchers may share reports with HERs for public release in the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) Library.

The ADS, in addition to making the reports available online for access to the wider public, undertakes the curation and archiving of the digital files, ensuring long-term preservation.

Publius Horatius by Hendrick Goltzius (Stecher_in) – 1586 – Albertina, Austria – Public Domain.https://www.europeana.eu/item/15508/DG74442 The OASIS form is shortly to be redeployed (by the end of September 2023) with a number of improvements requested by users. These are primarily based on the Search, Results, and Summary pages. A full list is below: A more open-ended … Continue reading Update: September 2023

Over the last two years we’ve been developing a separate application known as the OASIS Dashboard. The Dashboard is a ‘sandbox’ application that focusses on presenting the user with more views and ways of interacting with OASIS data. Funding for the Dashboard was via a grant from the University of York ESRC Impact Acceleration Account, … Continue reading The OASIS Dashboard

Over the period December 2022 to January 2023 all Scottish OASIS records were copied into the new OASIS database. From this point forward OASIS V should be used for creating new records and editing existing records. This process took much longer than originally anticipated due to some improvements that were required on the mapping of … Continue reading OASIS V now live in Scotland

One of the many requirements for the new OASIS system was the ability to link together individual projects that belong to the same scheme of works or research project. This could be defined as: However, the definition of a project is always tricky! OASIS itself sets no definitions on what a ‘project’ is, as this … Continue reading Guidance for linking large-scale projects or phases of work

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