The online system for reporting archaeological investigations and linking research outputs and archives

OASIS is an online reporting form enabling archaeological and heritage practitioners to provide information about their investigations to regional Historic Environment Records (HERs) and respective national heritage organisations.

As well as being an information-gathering tool, researchers may share reports with HERs for public release in the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) Library.

The ADS, in addition to making the reports available online for access to the wider public, undertakes the curation and archiving of the digital files, ensuring long-term preservation.

The following update has been written by Historic Environment Scotland (HES) to alert all users of the OASIS form in Scotland about forthcoming changes. —– During late 2022 we will be replacing the existing OASIS form (OASIS IV) with a new version: OASIS V. The new form will be more secure and features improved functionality … Continue reading OASIS V migration in Scotland

In March 2022 we quietly launched the first version of the OASIS REST API, which provides access to information about OASIS Projects via a RESTful API. It is designed to provide programmatic access to OASIS Project information and its output is very similar to that of the existing “Export” function that can be found on the OASIS … Continue reading Introducing the OASIS API

Since the launch of the new system the OASIS Helpdesk has received plenty of feedback from users. This has been a mixture of pointing out small bugs or glitches, or else requests for tweaks or additional features to help people with their workflows. The most recent version of OASIS (deployed 16th May 2022) inlcudes a … Continue reading OASIS V: recent updates and new features

As many readers will be aware the a new OASIS system (OASIS V) is now in place. In preparation for this we have taken the decision to remove the OASIS Images function from the current OASIS IV system from the 1st of April 2021. What! Will this make depositing more expensive I hear you say? The simple … Continue reading Say Goodbye to OASIS Images!

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