Frequently asked questions

Page and field specific guides and help text is available through 'help' question mark icons that appear throughout the OASIS form. These are also available on the help page

An OASIS User Manual is also available.

More detailed step-by-step video guides to demonstrate particular functions are available on a public Vimeo Channel called OASIS Training. These are being updated as we identify user case studies, or areas of the form that require further demonstration.

All records (except obvious test records), will be moved across to OASIS V and allocated to their original organisation.

All existing Level 1 (data creators) and Level 2 users (HER) should already have been contacted with details of their account, and the process for moving old accounts over to the new system.

If you are a new user, you can Register for an account using the link in the top toolbar. If you are creating a new organisation, then you can create that as well. In certain cases – where higher level users have potential access to large numbers of records - an extra level of validation will be in place before you have access to any records:

  • For new Level 2 reviewers (e.g. HERs)
  • For new Level 3 reviewers (museums and archives)
  • For new Level 5 reviewers (Specialist data users)

In these cases, ADS will review the account to ensure that the user is genuine and that there is no duplication with an existing organisation. New Level 5 users will be referred to OASIS Management Board where appropriate.

The ORCID system can be used to create a unique identifier for you - this is helpful for making sure your works are correctly allocated in the ADS Library. A Video explains the ORCID system and its benefits.

Training for OASIS is being delivered through external partners and advertised widely on this platform where appropriate.

In England, MSDS Marine in partnership with Ashtree Heritage are running online workshops to support new OASIS, details of which are provided below.